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Free cactus seed ! Kostenlos Kakteensamen! Semena zdarma !

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ENG free cactus



I send seeds and books. Plant for EU only. The settlement of the very small order . Very small orders (up to the value of EUR 100,-) are settled as follows: You will send us your order together with the payment in the banknotes 5,-,10,-,20,-50,-,100,-EUR in the registered letter. The total amountmust cover the price of the goods ordered and the postage for the delivery in the amount of EUR 3,- . Do not fail to mention your e-mail, so that wemay confirm you the delivery of goods. The goods will be destached you within abt. 1 week´s time and the despatch will be advised you with the separate e-mail. In case, that the ordered goods ar not available, your payment would be deposited on to your account and there will be at your disposal for your future orders. If you ask to send back your money, we should send it to your address with theregistered letter, after the deduction of EUR 3,- as the postage. We are aware of the fact that this procedure could be inconvenient to you, however, it is the only possibility, how to avoid the enormous bank charges, accompanying such a small orders.




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Yours faithfully

Ing. Kamil Prochazka
Nad Zameckem 55/393
Praha 5
150 00
Czech Republic






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